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Seattle My Love

Don’t get me wrong: New York, I love you, but Seattle has been kind of flirting with me as of late. I’ve played and toured in the Pacific NW quite a bit between Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver over the years and while the vibrancy of New York is what I’m so used to, Seattle has a certain energy that I cannot fully forget. I’m back in SEA-town this weekend for some music and a close friend’s wedding (a fellow artist who I met while touring 5 years ago in fact (go to: folks). We’ve been close ever since.

Wayne Coyne @ Sonic Boom Records, Seattle, WA

Sonic Boom Signing, 11pm, Seattle, WA (post fish tacos at Oaxaca)

After my flight landed on Thursday night, I drove back into Ballard for some food, stopped at Oaxaca for incredible halibut fish tacos (simply amazing) and a tall salt-rimmed margarita. Then, I strolled in to one of my favorite record shops, Sonic Boom, on Market St NW, and who do I find there? Well, Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, sitting 5 feet away signing records and t-shirts at 11pm at night in his totally nonchalante Wayne-way. Totally rad. Totally Seattle. More fish tacos please. 

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